Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Let's Juke Let's Juke Let's Juke

I've been listening to juke for a few months now, ever since my dad introduced me to it. 
The Chicago based ghetto house has slowly trickled into the UK from across the pond, and has been  widely incorporated into Britain's underground dance scene.
Here are a few of my favourite Juke inspired tracks.

Note the use of the 808 drum machine, seen in most if not all Juke tracks

Like I said, none of these tracks are 'pure' juke tracks straight out of Chicago, but they all have their own unique take to the genre. Machinedrum's 'Room (s)' Album is out now on Planet Mu, it's well worth picking up.

If you're looking for some original juke artists, look up Rashad, Spinn, DJ Nate, DJ Diamond and others..


  1. Hahaha I thought about it, figured everyone had heard that tune already, whereas Andrea and Machinedrum are less well known but deserve just as much credit :P

  2. Dope selection. Machinedrum can do no wrong in my opinion, definitely feeling the direction he's been going in recently.